We are SME Intellect

we approach our customers to learn about your business and help you to improve your business efficiency 

We providing most efficient IT transformation solutions for every kind of businesses. 

We worked as an IT team in IGE.  IGE Group setup an IT Team in 2008 to provide IT supporting services to the whole group of companies. In 2015 IGE started try to make digital transformation by using NetSuite ERP system as a core system. So the IT team is reinforced with a few software engineers and systems analyst to support business needs and manage the Powerful cloud base ERP system together with Implementation partner.  

Implementing ERP systems in such a group of companies is a huge challenge.  Implementation partner is vitally important not only from the project stages also after go live support. Need to support all the time whenever the customer need. The customer never reach to certain level of satisfaction on a kind support from the partner we have chosen. So the local IT team need to become stronger to support as a vendor. We became a strong team to support NetSuite ERP for the customers within IGE Group. 

Another big challenge for the business is budget in terms of rolling out ERP features and users to the business.  When the time come to make changes ERP systems,  Odoo  is one of the most suitable solutions. Our team quickly switch from existing ERP systems to New ERP systems,  Odoo . And we setup ourselves as SME Intellect Co., Ltd. 

SME Intellect become a learning partner with Odoo and implementing the first project for the whole group of IGE. This time we are Implementation partner. We know what customer needs and want and how to provide our services to reach the customers' maximum potential.