Successful digital transformation hinges on proper implementation.

For businesses unfamiliar with the Odoo ERP system, setting up the software to match your operations is crucial. Odoo ERP is a versatile platform suitable for various industries, offering a wide array of features to choose from. At SME Intellect, our experts specialize in configuring Odoo ERP to meet your business requirements. Simply provide us with insights into your business and workflows, and we will take care of the customization process. 

Another factor to keep in mind is the process of migrating your critical data to the system. While Odoo offers a user-friendly interface for entering individual transactions, importing extensive datasets may necessitate the assistance of a skilled professional to expedite the task. It is crucial to validate the integrity of your data during the import process.

Business Analysis

Prior to software implementation, we thoroughly analyze the business's current operations, pinpointing areas of concern such as inefficiencies and redundant tasks. By gaining insight into the business's processes, we can then determine how the software can be leveraged to drive improvements in each specific area.

We pay close attention to your business needs and conduct software demonstrations to ensure a seamless alignment between your processes and software systems.

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Configure Software correctly 

We configure the software to most suitable settings for your business. Based on our discussion and multiple implementation experiences, we will configure the software. 

If your company has opening data, we will import the most important data as master data. Financial data should be import as it is. 


We provide customized training for particular business specific. 

we provide online, in personal and recorded video trainings to make sure the users understand the software best and ensure the most correct data for your organization.

Customization and Development

As an Open source software, literally you can develop anything in Odoo environment. Although Odoo is very flexible to configure as your business need, there is still rooms for your business's specialized needs. You can use already developed third party apps or ask us to develop for you.  

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Continuous Premium support 

Although The system implementation finished, we are always here for you to support your needs. Including your entry errors, how to use instructions and systems errors. 

We provide training and knowledge share center for your continuous businsses needs, such as employee turn over, change role and change businesses. 

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